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Mauritius - Top Tips

Super Seven

  1. Le Morne Brabant Hike For me, this is the number one thing to do on the island, and was my personal highlight. This mountain hike is perfect for both adventurers and nature lovers. The mountain is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is located on the south west tip of the island. There is an entrance gate and you will need an approved guide in order to proceed. There's plenty of guides lurking at the entrance or you can book one in advance click here. The mountain is green, but has dry rough areas also, so there will be a bit of scrambling on certain sections. Set aside around 3 hours to complete the hike in full. The views are simply majestic!

  1. La Vanille Nature Park The highlight of this nature reserve are the giant tortoises that roam the grounds. The tortoise wander round freely, so you can feed them, take plenty of photos, and learn about the species via the enthusiastic staff members. There are other attractions such as crocodile feeding, and a very impressive insectarium, but the tortoise are the huge draw to visitors. Entrance fee is $15 plus an extra $1 for a bag of tortoise food.

  1. Port Louis City Walk The capital city is definitely worth exploring, and the best way is on foot. St Louis Cathedral, La Bourdonnais Square, The Caudan Waterfront, and the local markets should all be on the checklist.

  1. La Vallée Des Couleurs This is a beautiful nature park with many attractions within. These include quad biking, zipline, fern garden, waterfalls, wildlife, and also multi-coloured earth. I'd recommend the quad biking, as it's a great way to explore different areas within the park itself. The park wasn't flooded with tourists, which was a huge plus point.

  1. Notre Dam Auxiliatrice This is the much-photographed church you see on the postcards. The church sits on a green lawn area right by a small beach. This isn't your usual sun worshipping beach, and is mainly populated by locals.

  1. The Beaches One thing Mauritius isn't short on is beautiful beaches. Fine grain sand and crystal clear water is a winning combo! I'm going to be controversial here... "I thought the beaches in Seychelles were another level in comparison to Mauritius". Most resorts have stunning pool areas, but make sure you see the beaches also, especially for sunset.

  1. Maheswarnath Mandir This is the largest hindu temple on the island, and located in the small town of Triolet. The temple pays homage to Lord Shiva and is an entire complex of 7 temples, with a huge lake, as well as giant statues of the gods. Regardless of your religion, the architecture is very impressive, and the temple can easily be tied in en route to Port Louis.

Accommodation Advice Being a prime honeymoon destination, you'll find that accommodation prices are rather inflated in Mauritius, which doesn't favour non-honeymooners in the slightest. The best deal I could find for a mid-range hotel was Voile Bleue. It's not a big flashy resort, but impressed me. It's a small hotel with a great location on the beach in Pointe Aux Piments. Tidy rooms, well maintained, nice pool, strong wifi, and the food in the restaurant overlooking the beach wasn't overpriced. Here's the direct link to the site... Voile Bleue

Food Porn

The food was fine, but visitors mainly eat in the resorts. I went to an absolute gem of a restaurant, which was recommended by my tour guide. The restaurant was called Ebony Table L'Hote. It's a family run indian restaurant that serves authentic food on banana leaf. It's not expensive and the food was delicious!

Hick Hiker Verdict I think Mauritius is more than just a honeymoon destination, so would recommend to travellers. There's plenty to see and do, as well as having beaches to chill on. For me, a 4-5 day stay was about right. I still think the beaches in both Seychelles and Maldives are a level above Mauritius, but obviously personal opinion. Where Mauritius has the edge over its rivals, is the vast array of activities to do when you're not chilling on a beach. Check out my travel vlog below to the Super Seven up close...

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