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Liechtenstein - Top Tips

Super Seven

The Train Ride

With Liechtenstein, the beauty of this tiny country starts before you even arrive. The train ride from Switzerland offers stunning scenery along the way. This tiny landlocked country doesn't have it's own airport, which means Zurich is the usual starting point. Sit back on the train and enjoy the views!


Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein is the state owned museum which hosts modern and contemporary art. Worth a look, even if you're not a huge art fan. The entry fee is minimal, and you can't miss the building as it's on the main street in Vaduz. You'll soon realise that there's only one main street in Vaduz, so everything is within close walking distance.

Street Sculptures

You'll notice there's quite a few different art sculptures lining along the streets of Vaduz. Some as random as a pair of high heels, to some more serious. These are all designs of world famous artists.

Cathedral of St. Florin

Vaduz Cathedral is a neo-gothic church in the centre of the city, which has held cathedral status since 1997. Entry is free and the building itself boasts impressive architecture inside and out.

The Postal Museum

Definitely an unusual and unique museum to Vaduz, is the postage stamp museum. Opened in 1936 and situated in the centre of Vaduz on the main high street. A small place, so potentially easy to walk right past without realising. The purpose of the musemum is to tell the history of Liechtenstein's postal service, as well as offering an impressive display of stamps past and present. Admission is again, free of charge.


Liechtenstein is surrounded by mountains, which means it's perfect for hikes, with plenty of trails available. The local tourism office in the centre of Vaduz can provide an array of maps for many trails. Obviously season dependent, but green countryside and blue skies, with a mountain backdrop is always a winner!

Alte Rheinbrucke

Around a 15 minute walk from the city centre is an old wooden bridge called Alte Rheinbrucke, which is a border between Liechtenstein and Switzerland. Believed to be the last wooden border bridge of it's kind, and has a cool signpost at the halfway point where you can stand in two countries at one.

Accommodation Advice

So there's not exactly a huge choice of accommodation options due to the compact size of the country. I wanted to be based in Vaduz, so Landhaus am Giessen hit the spot for me. Centrally located, at a good price, and had a great local feel around the place.

Food Factor

There's a great local restaurant in Vaduz called Gasthof Au. It's one of the oldest restaurants in the country, with a home-style menu and outdoor seat. It's also within easy walking distance from the centre of Vaduz.

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