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Montenegro - Top Tips

Super Seven

1. The Bay of Kotor

No trip to Montenegro is complete without a visit to the fortified town of Kotor. The views from the bay are breathtaking and worth the climb. You'll be stopping every 10 minutes thinking the view can't get any better. Even the old town offer a great selection of restaurants, coffee shops, and attractions.

2. Budva Old Town

Budva is certainly a worth stop point on a Montenegro tour. City walls, quaint narrow streets, churches, monasteries, and fortresses, yes there's plenty to see here. Budva offers exceptional views of Sveti Stefan Island and the adriatic coastline. There's even sandy beaches, with Mogren Beach being the stand out choice. Be sure to check out the ballet dancer statue too!

3. Durmitor National Park

Okay, so this one is a 3 hour drive from Kotor, but completely worth it! In my opinion, one of the best National Parks in Europe and offers plenty of natural beauty. Attractions on offer include hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, and a good old fashioned swim in a lake.

4. Porto Montenegro

Located in the UNESCO protected Boka Bay area of Tivat is a stunning marina port. I wasn't expecting this kind of place at all in Motenegro. A high class marina with stunning views, high end retail outlets, and classy but well priced restaurants along the waterfront. This a place that has a great feel both at day and night.

5. Tara River

Located 45 minutes from Durmitor NP, so definitely worthwhile combining the two. You've got Durdevica Tara Bridge which arches over the river and creates a stunning backdrop. The bridge is walkable too, so a great viewpoint to take some snaps.

You can also zipline over the canyon, with the start point located right next to the bridge. Not the biggest thrill rush you'll ever have, but the views are great. There's also white water rafting available as an alternative.

6. Our Lady of the Rocks

Located just off the coast from the small town of Perast is Our Lady of the Rocks. A small church on its own island which offers views of Perast, and some impressive artwork inside the church itself. There's regular boats evey 10 minutes taking you between Perast and the island, with a journey time of under 15 minutes. Also an easy option to walk around Perast at the same time.

7. Ostrog Monastery

The monastery is a Serbian Orthodox Church, which is located high up in the large rock of Ostroška Greda. You'll see people walking the trail to the top of the mountain where the monastery is located, due to the fact that it's the most popular pilgrimage site in the country. There's a lower church just before the monastery, and also great views from the lookout point within.

Accommodation Advice

I chose to use Tivat as base for exploring the beauty of Montenegro. It's centrally located halfway between Kotor and Budva, as well as having an international airport. The country is yet to be see it's tourism boom, so the large hotel chains don't have a huge presence. Small guest houses and locally run apart-hotels are your best bet. In my opinion, Hotel San is a good choice based on location:cost ratio.

Food Factor

The food in Montenegro is great and your money also stretches a long way. Considering most will visit Kotor, I want to recommend The Harbour Pub in the Old Town. More specifically, their sausage platter which will change your life!

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