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Lebanon - Top Tips

Super Seven

1. Beirut City Tour

The capital offers a lot and definitely deserves a full day of exploring. Nijmeh Square is in the centre of the city and is home to the parliament, two cathedrals, a museum, and an impressive clock tower. Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque is definitely worth a look, especially lit up in the evening.

Pigeon Rocks is the natural treasure of the city and within easy proximity to take a few snaps, so shouldn't be missed. Finish off your city tour at Beirut Souks to fulfil all of your shopping and dining needs.

2. Byblos

Byblos is regarded as one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world and is located a 30 minute drive north from Beirut. Stroll the old souks for a coffee, dine out for sea food in the harbour, and check out ancient ruins at The Crusader Castle.

3. Baalbek

Baalbek was once a place of worship for Mesopotamian, Roman, Christian and Islamic as each group introduced their own heritage to this sacred monument. Today, the ruins are hugely impressive as the archaeological wonder stands tall with towering monuments and impressive columns. For me, The Temple of Bacchus was the highlight due to the sheer size.

Baalbek will take 1 hour 45 minutes to reach via road from Beirut.

4. Téléphérique of Jounieh

A gondola cable car system located in Jounieh, which is a city 16km north of Beirut. It's 1.5km long and takes 9 minutes to reach the top. The Our Lady of Lebanon shrine awaits you at the top, as well as spectacular panoramic views of The Bay of Jounieh.

The journey will set you back US $7.50 and is worth it on a clear day.

5. Balou Balaa Waterfall

Located in the small town of Tannourine and believed to be one of the oldest waterfalls in the world is Balou Balaa. A three tier waterfall that drops at an altitude of 250 meters into a natural sinkhole. Head there in the spring, so you actually see flowing water. Don't do what I did and end up seeing an impressive impressive waterfall, without the water.

A 2 hour drive from Beirut, but can easily be done as combo with Byblos and Jounieh.

6. Jeita Grotto

A system of two interconnecting limestone caves that span almost 9km. The upper cave has a walkway to check out the limestone formations up close, whereas the lower cave has a small boat service taking you inside the cave.

The grotto was a finalist in voting for the New Natural Wonders of the World, which highlights the natural beauty on offer.

The huge drawback is that photography is forbidden inside the caves. There's even lockers at the security checkpoint to store cameras and phones.

7. Caves De Ksara

In recent years, Lebanon is turning into quite a popular exporter of wine, which is largely thanks to their wine producer Ksara.

You can go to the Ksara winery and check out its iconic caves. The cave is 1.5 miles long and is used as a large wine cellar due to its near perfect temperature. Yes, of course they offer plenty of tasters!

Accommodation Advice

Accommodation prices vary widely in Lebanon and you can often grab yourself a great deal. I managed to stay at the five star Radisson Blu Martinez for a mere $50 a night. There's are perhaps slightly more central hotels, as this is a 10 minute walk to Beirut Souks, but it offers great value.

Food Factor

Bold claim here, but The Met Sushi Bar is the best sushi I've had outside of Japan, and they also have a great "all you can eat" offer. It's not traditional Lebanese food, but it's also not to be missed!

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