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Algeria - Top Tips

Super Seven

1. Algiers City Tour

With Algiers being the likely entry point into Algeria, a city tour of the capital is definitely worthwhile. There's plenty on offer, with top the stand out attractions being Notre Dame d’Afrique, Bardo Museum, Martyrs' Memorial, and Djamaa El Kebir (The Great Mosque of Algiers).

The city sights are quite spread, so would definitely recommend going by car.

2. Jardin d'Essai du Hamma

The botanical garden of Algiers was established in 1832 and spreads across 38 hectares. I'm no garden geek, but apparently there's just over 1,200 different species of plants spread across the garden, so definitely a winner for nature lovers. The park was peaceful and a great place to stroll around when the weather is nice.

3. Walk along Rue Didouche Mourad

Referred to as the "bustling shopping area" of the city. You've got tree lined avenues, French colonial architecture, lots of restaurants, monuments, and an iconic post office building. Overall, it's a lively street both day and night, and a central spot to explore many areas of the city.

4. Explore the Casbah

The Casbah is specifically the citadel area of Algiers, with the traditional quarter of the city clustered around it. The whole area is a UNESCO site, and there are remains of the citadel with old mosques and ottoman-style palaces. This is the area of the city where you'll find a real sense of community throughout the winding backstreets and alleys. A great photographic spot!

5. Sidi Fredj

If you feel like an afternoon escape from the capital, then the coastal town of Sidi Fredj is a mere 30km away.

A beautiful old fashioned harbour port where you'll get a great view straight out to sea. Depending on the time of day, you'll see local fishermen too.

6. Day trip to Annaba

Annaba is a port city located 600km east of Algiers, and can easily be reached via a 1 hour flight, with Algerie offering many daily departures. Basilique Saint Augustin is a beautiful church, with equally stunning architecture inside, as well as beautiful stained glass windows.

For something different, there's the Bone War Cemetery containing 868 commonwealth burials of the Second World War, which is actually located next to a children's amusement park. The city also has a very photogenic coastline!

7. Tipaza

Tipaza is a UNESCO site located 70km west of Algiers. These roman ruins are on the shores of the Mediterranean sea, making it a very picturesque spot. Tipaza was a major central point in the African Roman Empire and dates back to the 1st century.

Perhaps it was the time of year, but one thing I did struggle with was the inconsistent opening hours, hence I'd recommend checking beforehand.

Accommodation Advice

I chose to stay at Hotel ST due to its central location to explore the city. The rooms were basic, but turned out to be a great choice based on the helpful staff. They went out of their way in order to make sure I fully maximised my stay by seeing as much as possible. One of the staff members even doubled up as my tour guide to Annaba.

Food Factor

Try out the local bakeries, especially those along the Rue Didouche Mourad. The cakes didn't look like much, but the locals rave about them. Once you try them, you'll see what all the fuss is about.

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