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Armenia - Top Tips

Super Seven

1. Yerevan City Tour

I'd describe Yerevan as a cultural city stuck in limbo. There are still remains of the former soviet era with flat blocks, but at the same time, it has a vibrant arty feel about the place. There's plenty to see in the city with top spots being The Cascade, Republic Square, Victory Park, The Opera House, and the many sculptures that surround the city.

2. Khor Virap

The Armenian monastery is located only 8km from the closed Turkish border and is regarded as the most visited pilgrimage site in the country. There's also a famous pit where a saint was held for 13 years before attaining sainthood. This is the same saint that helped turn Armenia into the first christian nation.

3. Geghard Monastery

Armenia is well known for it's monasteries, but Geghard Monastery is my top pick of the bunch. There's a number of churches and tombs, with most of them cut into the rock. I would describe the monastery as Armenian medieval architecture at its peak. There's also towering cliffs surrounding the monastery, and it was declared a UNESCO site back in 2000.

4. Armenian Genocide Museum

A dreadful event, but an important part of Armenian history that should not be forgotten. The museum is very modern and informative, as it gives a pretty detailed account (in 4 different languages) of the genocide committed against the national.

The memorial area surrounding the eternal flame definitely brings a feeling of sadness to everyone around.

5. Garni Temple

Temple of Garni is the only sole surviving Greco-Roman building in the whole of Armenia and the former Soviet Union. Believed to have been built in the first century AD in honour of the sun god. You only realise the sheer size of this place when you're standing next to it.

6. Armenian Countryside

When driving from location to location, you start to see the beauty of the Armenian countryside. You'll have green hills going on for miles, with a further layer of snow capped mountains behind them.

7. Night Photography

I found Yerevan perfectly safe at night and also a superb city to photograph. The buildings and attractions come to life at night. The colourful fountains in Republic Square being one of the highlights.

Accommodation Advice

I feel I found an absolute gem in Opera Suite Hotel. The location is central to explore all the sights on offer and the facilities of the hotel were much higher than I expected. A room on a B&B basis will set you back around $70 (2018 price) so it's mid-range for the city.

Food Factor

There's a Gastro Cafe called Malocco which is located right by The Cascade. This is a great dining option as every dish appeared to be a winner, and is equally a good spot to enjoy a late night coffee. If you're a coffee lover, this is your place. Funky interior too!

Accommodation Advice

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