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Super Seven

Kambadaga Falls

Without a doubt, one of the most spectacular waterfalls I've seen on my travels is Kambadaga Falls in Guinea. I think it's partly down to the stunning two-tier flow, combined with the fact that the Fouta-Djalon region is stunning as a whole. I used Labe as a base, before heading out on a day of waterfall chasing. Once you reach the end of the road, there's a short 15 minute hike to reach the view point. There are multiple view points, but the key point is to definitely get as high up as possible.

Chutes de Saala

The next waterfall goes by the name "Chutes de Saala" and is located just outside the outer village of Diari, which is 30km west of Labe. For full transparency, the road conditions are terrible, so the journey will take a couple of hours, despite the short distance. This is a good area for hiking in general, so it's possible to integrate a half day hike into your itinerary. Wildlife is also present in the area, although hit and miss as always.

Case a Palabres

Case a Palabres is a Fulani style circular building located in Dalaba that was built in 1932. The purpose of the building was simply a meeting place for members of the local government when there were important topics to discuss. Used regularly during the colonial era and was also the spot where the word 'Independence' was first mentioned between the members of each canton (region). The mosaic flooring inside is stunning. Worth noting that there's normally a local gate keeper who will require a small tip to grant you access.

Villa Sili

Located next to Case a Palabres is Villa Sili. Built in 1936 and used as the residence for the former French Governor. The place has been recently renovated, which was desperately needed. Although, would have been great to see in its former derelict condition. The horse statues in the garden seem a little "out there" compared to the rest of the premises, but hey, everyone has different taste . This isn't a place worth going out of your way to visit, but the fact it's located next to Case a Palabres means it's difficult to miss.

Chutes de Ditinn

One of the tallest waterfalls in Guinea is located 35km from Dalaba. You can drive all the way to Ditinn Village, but then the waterfall is a further 5km. You could potentially drive further if you ask locals for permission to enter their land, but either way, a short hike through a forest is necessary regardless. The waterfall takes a 120 metre drop straight off the edge of a cliff and is spectacular. You'll be at the bottom of the waterfall when you arrive, so perfect to take a dip too!

Voile de la Mariee

The waterfall of Voile de la Lariee is often referred to as "Bridal Veil" due to its delicate flow. This is a beautiful waterfall located in Kindia, and one that's easy to pick up via GoogleMaps. Its location just off the main road also means that no hiking is required. Be aware of the local gate keeper who has made his own entry barrier and demands a 5 Euro fee. The location of Kindia is on the route used to head all the way to the Sierra Leone border, so a worthwhile stop if you're doing this trip overland.

SIB Hotel Viewpoint

The green mountainous landscape of Dalaba is stunning in every direction, so it's worth knowing about the viewpoint on offer from SIB Hotel. There's a large outdoor area at the rear which is commonly used for weddings. Regardless of wether you're staying there, it's easy to stop by and take advantage of the view, as well as being a worthy sunset spot.

Accommodation Advice

I stayed in a beautiful guest house in Dalaba called Icones Guesthouse (contactable via Facebook). I would have no hesitation in recommending a stay here. The local owners were very welcoming and extra helpful with my itinerary planning. The rooms are spacious with private bathroom, as well as a nice common room area, and outdoor seating with landscape views. Icones is also within walking distance of SIB hotel for the viewpoint.

Food Factor

There actually isn't a hugely variety of food across Guinea, as well as no specific national dishes.However, the food on offer at Icones Guesthouse was amazing and far exceeded my expectations. The home-cooked evening dishes were fantastic, and by far the best I experienced during my Guinea stay.

Good Guide

I can 100% recommend Tibouh at Icones Guesthouse. His local knowledge of the area is very comprehensive, which proved invaluable during my stay. I had originally hired a different guide to cover some spots in the region, but my first day with him was a disaster, as he struggled with all locations on my list. Tibouh was the saviour! His English is basic, as he's French speaking, but this didn't hamper my experience, and I'd definitely recommend him. Turns out he'd also guided many people from my travel community in the past. Small world! His number for Whatsapp is +224 625700745.

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