The Gambia - Top Tips

Super Seven

1. Royal Albert Market

For colourful outfits and experiencing the hustle & bustle of local everyday life, there's no better place than Royal Albert Market. The pathways are lined with local traders selling both local and imported goods, as well as food. A great place to people watch, but also nice to see the traders haggling with each other.

2. Kachikally Crocodile Pool

This crocodile pool is located in Bakau and is one of three sacred pools used for fertility rituals. There's approximately 80 crocodiles roaming around both the land and water. Tourists can get up close for photos and even touch the crocodiles. You can also watch the crocodiles being fed by the pool workers. Disappointingly, there was no educational value to the tour as it was all about the photos.

3. Lamin Lodge Oyster Farm

Lamin Lodge is a small oyster farm nestled in the mangroves. A nice place to stop for a coffee in the wooden lodge on the water that's made entirely of mangrove wood. The local workers will explain to you how the oyster trade helps the local community. There's plenty of wild monkeys around the site, so keep a close grip of your belongings.

4. Mangroves Boat Ride

The mangroves are located next to the oyster farm and offer you to chance to go on a small boat ride. A peaceful acitivity to pass the time for an hour. More interesting for bird and fish lovers.

5. The Beaches

There's a selection of nice beaches across The Gambia to spend your days relaxing topping up the tan. I was a little disappointed with the quality of the beaches, but perhaps my expectations were set too high. Frustratingly, you will be constantly pestered by local sellers.

Kotu Beach was the top beach pick for me, and a great spot to enjoy sunset.

6. Market Bazaar Fishing

This was a great spot in Tanji to observe the everyday life of workers in the fishing trade. Okay, so it smells a lot, the locals don't like you being there, and the ajoining beach has turned into a bit of a dumping ground, but worth a look regardless. This is the biggest fishing market in all of The Gambia.

7. Visit a Local Village

Despite the tourism boom that The Gambia has experienced in recent years, there's still plenty of traditional local villages dotted between the tourist attractions. Tanji was the village I went for a walk in and came across lots of friendly locals. The communities are extremely poor, so the locals, especially the children, do appreciate small gifts (not money).

Accommodation Advice

Bakotu Hotel located in Serrekunda was my pick for my stay. It's small, locally run, offers good facilities, and a nice clean restaurant.

Downside is that the wifi only works in the lobby, but the upside is that the hotel is directly adjacent to Kotu Beach.

Food Factor

Rainbow Beach Bar is a small establishment directly on the beach in Sanyang. A spot where fresh fish and ice cold beer is served.

The prices are very affordable and the atmosphere is relaxed, although there are still droves of local sellers interrupting your chill time.

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