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Chad - Top Tips

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Place De La Nation

In the centre of the capital N'Djamena, the Place De La Nation was errected to commemorate 15 years of independence. The central square has multiple monuments and is kept in relatively good condition compared to other areas of the city. There are a couple of military guards patrolling the area, but it's still fine to freely walk in the square and take photos.

Chad National Museum

Located in N'Djamena within close proximity to The Kempinski Hotel and easily reachable via Googlemaps. Compared to other National Museums across Central Africa, this one is in relatively good condition. There's some impressive artefacts along with a collection of musical instruments and currency of the past. The museum will talk you through the history of the country spread across 4 rooms.


Located 1.5 hours North of N'Djamena is the city of Douguia. There's picturesque greenery in Douguia, as well as the Chari River, where's it possible to take a boat ride with a local. En route to Douguia is also the site of Hadjer Lamis (elephant rock) which is a mountain formation in granite that resembles an elephant. Worth noting that the roads en route to elephant rock are often heavily flooded making it inaccessible, so don't visit during rainy season.

Sunset at Hilton N'Djamena

Hilton Hotel N'Djamena is a great spot to head early evening and kick back with a beer whilst enjoying the sunset. One of the only spots in the capital where beer is fully flowing at all times. The location of the hotel along the river bed and away from the busy streets of the centre makes the clarity of a sunset all the better!


A 2 hour journey East of N'Djamena will bring you to the city of Dourbali, which is located in the Chari-Baguirmi region. The city is nice to have a stroll around, as the landscape and scenery is very different from N'Djamena, although the main draw here is The Fula Tribe. Although a nomadic tribe, so pot luck if you'll get to meet any, Dourbali is a base the tribe regularly use.

Gaoui Village

Gaoui Village was a highlight of my trip to Chad and also a very easy excursion, as the village is located only 10km North East of N'Djamena. The village is said to have been the capital of the Sao civilisation, which means there's plenty of traditional architecture on display, including unique mud hut houses in the museum. Gaoui is also a central hub for pottery manufacturing, so you'll also see plenty of local crafts on show.

This isn't a regular tourist spot, so don't feel alarmed if every local in the village stares and you and starts to follow you everywhere.

Visit a Local School

Hardly a tourist attraction, but a worthwhile stop when exploring many Central African countries is to pop into a local school. This area of the world is by far the poorest geographical location on the planet, so a simple stop off to hand out some pencils and colouring books can really bring huge smiles to the children. They're not used to seeing visitors, so might be shy at first. After 10 minutes, it will be high fives all round!

Accommodation Advice

Hilton N'Djamena is by far the best hotel choice. There's essentially only two mainstream hotels in the city (Kempinski & Hilton), but Hilton offers great value in comparison and is nestled in a nice riverside spot within the city. Pool and gym facilities are great, although majority of the time should be spend outside exploring the country! The wifi connecting is a decent speed too.

Food Factor

Chad is a landlocked country, but due to its lakes, the freshwater fish is fantastic. This is the dish I would recommend, and specifically at Hilton N'Djamena. The facilities are clean, the prices are reasonable, and the fish is purchased directly from the local traders.

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