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Cameroon - Top Tips

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Douala City Tour

Douala is a coastal city in southwest Cameroon and is often used as a start point for exploring the country due to its central location compared to the capital of Yaounde. There's a few points of interest that are within close proximity of one another. The Cathedral of Saint Pierre & Saint Paul, and Monument aux Morts. The most unusual of all is La Nouvelle Liberte, which is a statue that was created using pieces of recycled scrap metal.

Chimpanzees at Pongo Songo

The absolute highlight of my trip was this experience with chimpanzees in their natural habitat. A 2.5 hour drive from Douala and you'll reach Marienberg, where you'll then take a motorized boat along the Sanaga River to Pongo Songo Sanctuary. This is a small island where chimpanzees roam freely. You'll see these beautiful animals from the boat,, but you're close enough for some great photo shots whilst observing their daily behaviours.

Visit a Pygmee Village

Along the Lobe River there are a number of local pygmee villages where these local communities are living within the wilderness. The village I chose to visit was Namikoumbi because it was just a short 40 minute journey by river boat. This is an opportunity to get a close up look at how the locals live and go about their everyday life in remote conditions of the forest. Their English language is virtually non-existent, so definitely go accompanied by a local whom can translate and also pre-arrange your visit. The pygmees have very little, so bring some gifts!

Lobé Falls

The Lobé waterfall is located in Kribi and is a very unique waterfall due to the fact that the waterfall flows directly into the Atlantic Ocean.

Don't expect a tall waterfall, otherwise you'll be disappointed, but the unique ocean feature makes it a must. The falls are easy to reach via a small boat directly from the beach shore. There's also spots where you can walk to without the need of a boat, and this will enable you to stand directly next to the falls. It's a busy spot for both locals and tourists!

Beaches of Kribi

Kribi has some stunning beaches on offer and one of these is located directly next to Lobé Falls. The beach is a great place to relax after a day of exploring. It's clean, minimal crowds, and a relaxed atmosphere. There's local art sellers along the beach too, as well as some impressive sand sculptures by local talents.

Independence & Reunification Monument

Cameroon gained independence in 1960, so to mark the occasion, there's an Independence & Reunification Monument located at the base of Mount Cameroon. There's some interesting spots within walking distance, including the first Post Office of Cameroon, The Bismarck Fountain, and some random old telephones. If you're a fan of monuments, you'll appreciate the Independence & Reunification Monument, although I would use this as a stop off point towards other attractions.

Mount Cameroon

Cameroon also has options available to hiker is the form of Mount Cameroon, which stands at 4,040 meters. The hike is relatively straightforward and can be achieved in 2-3 days. There's a small tourism cabin at the base of the mountain (50 meters to the right of the Independence & Reunification Monument). This mountain doesn't have the foot flow that Kilimanjaro does, but perhaps that makes it more appealing to some.

Accommodation Advice

I stayed in many different hotels during my stay in Cameroon, but for a central pick to use whilst exploring Douala, I would recommend Noubou International Hotel. It's centrally located within the city, decent room standard, and fast wifi. Priced at $40 a night, so good value.

Special Mention to Adamoua Grand Hotel if you're looking for an airport hotel. By far the best standard of hotel during my trip, but just isn't central enough to use as a base.

Food Factor

I didn't find the food in Cameroon particularly great overall to be honest. My best meal actually came on my final night in Cameroon and that was the restaurant in Adamoua Grand Hotel, which is located very close to Douala International Airport. Their seafood salads were amazing, and the hotel even offered free airport shuttle for their restaurant guests.

Good Guide

If you're looking for a local guide contact in Cameroon, Mebah Markdonald is your name. He's actually one of the only reputable guides in the region and has been used by many travellers from the community over the years. He's certainly got the contacts, hence the visa on arrival (VOA) was greatly appreciated. You can reach Mebah on +23 774 105327.

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