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Andorra - Top Tips

Super Seven

Mirador Roc Del Quer

I'll start off with my highlight during my time in Andorra. Mirador Roc Del Quer is a 30 minute drive North from the centre of Andorra and is an observation viewpoint. Here's the spot that offers full panoramic views across the Pyrenees via a 20 metre observation deck. 8 metres are on solid ground, whilst the other 12 stretched across the actual scenery. Part of the walkway is clear glass, for those who dare, or for those that want a likeable Instagram shot! Final point you'll notice is that there's a sculpture at the end of the walkway, which is titled "The Ponderer". Do not miss this stop, as it's sure to be the best view of your trip!

Skiing in Vallnord

Andorra also has something to offer ski and board lovers, with the ski area of Vallnord being a mere 40 minute drive from Andorra centre. The Vallnord covers 63km of pistes spread across 42 runs, so there's something on offer for both beginners all the way up to pros. The major resort in the area is Arinsal, with a selection of lodges, restaurants, and cafes.

Sant Joan de Caselles Church

One thing Andorra does have is many churches, so I've tried to highlight a few of the best. Sant Joan de Caselles Church is located along an ancient road and dates back between the 11th and 12th century. There's a bell tower and two porches, but it looks like these were built at a later date. The architectural style of the church is Romanesque and it has lovely green surroundings. Not too far from the city, so you can either reach via car, or it's a stop off on the Andorra tourist bus route. There is no entry charge!

The Church of Santa Coloma

I've chosen the Church of Santa Coloma because it's one of the oldest churches in the country and dates back to the pre-Romanesque period. Originally built between the 8th and 9th century, although I think there was a bit of minor refurbishment carried out at a later date. It has a four-storey circular bell tower, which is the only one of its kind in Andorra. You can combine this church with a visit to Espai Coloma, where you can see some painted murals and a few religious objects.

Salvador Dali Clock

Perhaps one of the most recognisable clocks in the world is the "melting clock" by artist Salvador Dali. The official name which could be relevant if you're using a map is "The Nobility of Time Sculpture". It was donated to the Andorran Government back in the 80's and stands at 16 feet tall. The sculpture is extremely valuable, so rare to see it out in the open in the central point of the city. There's other buildings, attractions, and shops all within walking distance, as well as the free flowing river.

Casa de la Vall

Located southwest of the Andorra National Library is the most historical house in the coutry, Casa de la Vall. It's currently used as the headquarters of the General Council of Andorra, but it was built all the way back in 1580 as a tower of defence by the Busquets family. The Postal Museum of Andorra is located here on the second floor, so also worth a look. At the door of the house is the Busquets coat of arms along with the coat of arms of Andorra. A very walkable attraction due to its central location.

Centre Termolúdic Caldea

Found in the centre of Andorra la Velle and impossible to miss due to it's huge size, is Europe's largest spa complex. There's lagoons both indoor and out, as well a multiple jacuzzis and saunas. There's a specialized Indo-Roman bath area, as well as a very unusual grapefruit pool. The water around Andorra is mineral-rich and generated from a natural thermal source, so great to see this being put to good use with such a state of the art facility.

Accommodation Advice

I chose Hotel Pyrenees for my stay as it's located directly in the city centre area of the capital and has the huge bonus of free parking (rare in Andorra). The hotel itself is relatively basic in terms of the room quality, but it's clean and tidy. There's a complimentary breakfast included, and the wifi signal is strong. At $60 a night, it makes the free parking exceptional value.

Food Factor

I ate in a beautiful Mediterranean restaurant called Can Benet, which is located in the old quarter near Casa de la Vall. The place has a rustic feel about it with the stone walls and white tables, but the food quality is a delight! You'll find a selection of traditional Andorran dishes here too, with the winter stews being their best sellers.

Good Guide Due to the compact size of Andorra, you definitely don't need to hire a guide. As long as you're staying in the city centre, there's many attractions within walking distance. However, I would recommend hiring a car in order to take full advantage. Considering Andorra doesn't have an airport, you'll likely visit from Barcelona like I did. After researching all options, Europacar were the best priced at 75 Euro a day with unlimited mileage.

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