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Ghana - Top Tips

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Accra City Tour

The capital city of Accra offers plenty to see for tourists, as well as being strategically located for multiple day trips during your stay. You can easily dedicate a full day to the city with the top spots being Independence Square, which includes Black Star Gate (be sure to go on the roof), Independence Arch, and the Liberation Day Monument. Other spots to stop at are Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park, Ussher Fort, and Artists Alliance Gallery.


One of the oldest districts of Accra is Jamestown where communities were formed in the 17th century. You've got both Dutch and British influence here with British James Fort and Dutch Ussher Fort ever present landmarks. At 28 meters tall, Jamestown Lighthouse is the landmark point of the neighbourhood. This is a great area to walk round and integrate with the local community, as well as admiring the very talented street art work in the backstreets.

Kakum National Park

A three hour drive from Accra and you can immerse yourself in the nature on offer at Kakum National Park. At a length of 350 meters connecting seven tree tops, the canopy walkway steals the show here, as you're able to walk high up with green views in every direction. There's endangered fauna in the park, as well as some great bird watching spots with 266 different species on offer. There's a visitor desk with guides available to assist you throughout the park.

Cape Coast

One of the most popular day trips from Accra is Cape Coast, which is a fishing port in the south of the country that has historical importance due to its role in the transatlantic slave trade. The whitewashed Elmina Castle (St George's Castle) is the major attraction and deserves its UNESCO status. You will pay a small entry fee, which includes a guided tour where you'll gain an insight into the slave trade. There's many view points in the castle where you'll get stunning views of hundreds of local fishing boats lining the shores. Make sure you visit both Elmina Castle and Cape Coast Castle, as they're 13km apart along the shoreline.

Boti Falls A picturesque 2 hour drive north of Accra and you can reach the stunning Boti Falls. These twin falls are referred to as male and female, and will meet during rainy season, which is referred to as a "mating ceremony". You can enter the water if you would like to have bathe, but I would also definitely recommend walking round the nature surrounding the falls, where you'll also come across "mating rock". I'll let you figure it out from the below pic as to where the name came from.

Umbrella Rock

Also located at the site of Boti Falls is the magnificent Umbrella Rock. From the main road, a short 30 minute hike is required to reach the site, but it's soo worth it! What awaits is a magnificent viewpoint across lush farmland greenery for miles. The rock itself gets it name from the the large upper overhang forming an umbrella shape, which is large enough for 10-15 people to stand underneath. If you're using a guide from the visitor centre at Boti Falls, they will also take you here as part of the package.

Aburi Botanical Gardens

If you're visiting Boti Falls, you can easily combine your day trip with a visit to Aburi Botanical Gardens, which are located 1 hour north of Accra. This is a great open space to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and immerse yourself in nature. You'll find a selection of different plants, as well as tree lined pathways that are very photogenic. Randomly, there's also an abandoned helicopter in the centre of the garden. This place is nowhere near the level of other botanical gardens globally, but an easy combo stop with Boti.

Accommodation Advice

Montecito Apartment was my chosen accommodation as I thought the location was perfect for exploring the capital and surrounding areas. You're very central to reach everything the city has to offer. The main central hub of the city is within walking distance of the apartments, making it easy to nip out for a bite to eat. The apartments are very spacious with two separate bedrooms and a relaxing lounge area with a strong WifFi connection. Worth noting that there's no restaurant within the premises.

Food Factor

Buka Restaurant Osu Accra was somewhere I visited more than once during my stay. A West African restaurant dubbed "The complete African experience" and worthy of this statement. The menu is extensive, with a great selection of fresh fish available. For me, the basics of rice & beans were a winner, as well as the fresh juices an coffee. The restaurant itself has a welcoming friendly vibe and is reasonably priced. Get a sneak peek at the menu here.

Good Guide

A guide I've regularly used across West Africa is Isaac Aziawo, who's based in Ghana. He's a superb guide, very enthusiastic, speaks perfect English. I can 100% recommend his services. You can contact him directly on Whatsapp on +228 98 22 5868 or +233 50 524 3557, or email on


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