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Guam - Top Tips

Super Seven

Emerald Valley

This place is a real hidden gem! It's essentially a beautiful waterway tucked in the corner of a power plant. Located on the west of the island in Piti, is this turquoise waterway that heads out to the Philippine Sea. The water is so clear that you can see the ocean floor, as well as plenty of fish and sea urchins. It's a safe location to swim, whilst viewing the ocean in one direction, and a power plant in the other. As you head across the narrow road towers the valley, you'll also see the clear waters of Piti Beach, which is a popular spot for water activities.

Plaza de Espana

Located in the capital of Hagatna, you've got Plaza de Espana, which is central spot where there's plenty happening. The plaza was built in 1736 and was the location of the Governors Palace during the islands period of Spanish occupation. You'll notice the large "Guam Sign" is also here, as well as the architecturally pleasing Church of the Virgin Mary. On the adjacent street, you also have the National Museum of Guam, which is also worth checking out whilst you're in the area.

Fort Nuestra Senora

In the south of the island, there's a fortification built by the Spanish called Fort Nuestra Senora. The fort was last used in 1815 and the condition has deteriorated ever since, notably due to treasure hunters, who ripped up the floors following rumours of buried treasure. There's still a handful of canons, the ruins of some storage rooms, and the wall with one observation tower remaining. You can get a great view out to sea along the rugged coastline of the island, as well as a stunning mountain range inland. Most days, you'll also find a local called Edward lurking in the car park area who sells fresh coconut and mango from his nearby farm.

South Pacific Memorial Peace Park

Located in the village of Yigo, is the South Pacific Memorial Peace Park, which is both built and maintained solely by donations from Japanese citizens. The park serves as a symbolic gesture of peace, but also a reminder of a war that took the lives of over a-half million Japanese, Americans, and Pacific Islanders. The centrepiece of the memorial is a large monument that depicts the hands clasped in prayer. There's also a small Buddhist chapel, which is home to some WWII artefacts. Entry is free, and the site is open every day 8am-5pm.

Two Lovers Point

Potentially Guam's most iconic tourist spot is Two Lovers Point, which is stands prominently on a seaside cliff in Tamuning. The background behind this spot is a folktale regarding two lovers who were not allowed to be together by society, tied their hair together and leapt to their deaths, rather than be apart. There's a monument of the two lovers, as well as both an upper and lower observation deck that offer great views of both the ocean and coastline. There's also monument outlining each stage of a relationship, as well as padlocks dotted along the fence that tourists have left, declaring love to their own lover.

Gadao's Cave - Highway 4

Gadao is a legendary chief of the Chamorro people of Guam, and his cave is located just off Highway 4 in Inarajan Bay. This was believed to be his local hangout and even has pictographs etched into the cave. I'd recommend this 2km stretch of Highway 4 as there's many points of interest in addition to the cave. You've got St Joseph Catholic Church, The Gadao Boat Monument, and Bear Rock.

Guam Street Art

Perhaps the biggest surprise from my time in Guam was the street art, as it was unexpected. For street art lovers, there's plenty of murals dotted across the whole island. In the build up to Guam hosting an art festival back in 2019, organiser and artist Joshua Barrigada encouraged many famous artists from the region to spread their talent by spraying walls around the island. Artists even came across from nearby Saipan Island to get involved! Whether you're a fan of street art or not, it's difficult to ignore how impressive some of these murals are.

Accommodation Advice

My visit to Guam was a brief 2 night stop, so I wanted a hotel that was central to the main hub of Tamuning, as well as offering easy access to the airport, which is why I chose Wyndham Garden Guam. The hotel was relatively basic, but the rooms larger than expected, as they had a separate lounge area and desk space. There's laundry facilities, a small gym, and a swimming pool to the rear. WiFi was hit and miss, so ask for a room close to reception.

Food Factor

With Guam being a US territory, the streets are lined with fast food chain restaurants dotted everywhere across the island. I was determined to look for an alternative, and succeeded when I stumbled upon Three Squares. A laid back venue offering local style comfort food. The menu isn't the biggest, but the dishes were varied, and there's a good selection of alcoholic and soft drinks. I went for the chicken fillet meal, which was coated in a local sauce, accompanied by red rice and vegetables. It was so good, I went back the following day!

P.S If you're a coffee snob like me, check out Coffee Slut!

Good Guide

You definitely don't need to hire a guide when visiting Guam, although you do need to rent a car. I barely noticed a taxi during my time there, including outside the airport. The roads across the whole island are good and it's easy to navigate from one attraction to the next. After comparing prices, National Car Rental were the lowest cost and have a help desk inside the airport terminal.


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