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Seychelles - Top Tips

Super Seven

Mahe Island The capital of Seychelles is Victoria, which is located on Mahe Island, the entry point to the country. There's stunning beaches on the main island too, but I wanted to focus on some of the other spots worth checking out. I'd recommend checking out Sir Selwyn Clarke Market, Sri Navasakthi Vinayagar Temple, Anglican Church Victoria Mahe, and the iconic Seychelles Clock Tower.

Kayaking The coastal line of every island in Seychelles is absolutely stunning. There's plenty of water sport options available on many beaches. I found kayaking one of the most enjoyable. It's good exercise, you see the country from a different viewpoint, plus you can even see marine life because the waters are that crystal clear. I chose Mahe Island for my kayaking adventure, but it's readily available on many beaches across the islands.

Eden Island There's an artificial island 3.5k from the capital called Eden Island. The funding in the 2000's was actually by Dubai as the Dubai dredger was placed in The Seychelles. There's one hotel which is Eden Bleu, as well as restaurants and many luxury yachts in the harbour. The vibe I got is that it's trying to encourage an elite wealth of people to come and invest in the country.

Giant Tortoise of Curieuse Island

The whole island if Curieuse is a National Park and what a stunning place it is. This is one of few places in the world where giant Aldabra tortoise roam wild and free. There's over 300 tortoise of all different sizes, so you'll likely see babies, as well as large tortoise that are over 80 years old. You're able to get up close to the tortoise and feed them with plants and leaves. Here's an awesome story... In 2004, the rangers went to feed the tortoise in their usual spot, but realised majority had gone. Turns out they were slowly plodding their way up a small mountain on the island as they clearly had a sense of what was coming. The following day, a tsunami hit the island. From that moment forward, the rangers closely monitor their behaviour.

La Digue Island

Heading to La Digue Island is an easy day trip from many of the major islands in the country. This place is full of beauty, just like all of the island. There's two stunning beaches by the name of Anse Source D’ Argent and Grand Anse. There's also tortoise on this island, but they're in enclosed areas, compared to Curieuse. This is a great island to stroll around and see everyday life in the local community.

Praslin Island For me, Praslin Island was the most beautiful during my visit to The Seychelles and is home to one of the best beaches I've ever seen in my life, Anse Lazio Beach. There's also a very unusual bar located here too. "Honesty Bar" has no staff, but a full stocked fridge. Grab a beer and place the money in the pot. For nature spots, the UNESCO site of Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve is definitely worth checking out. Plus the area is shaded by a natural forest canopy in case you need some time out from the basking sun.

Snorkelling Boat Trip The crystal clear waters of The Seychelles are perfect for a boat trip. It's great to head out and enjoy the ocean, but even more so when there's such an amazing selection of marine life on offer. Due to the water clarity, you don't need to scuba dive, as standard snorkelling is more than sufficient. There's also plenty of small uninhabited islands that the boat operator can take you to, so you can mix up the snorkelling with some beach relaxation.

Accommodation Advice

This was a tough choice for me having stayed on multiple islands, but I'm going to go with Constance Ephelia Resort on Mahe Island. This is a great resort with many different room options to choose from, so there's options to suit many budgets. There's some great restaurant choices for specific food types, with Adam & Eve being my favourite, but even the main buffet restaurant Corossol offers a fantastic selection. Water sports such as kayaking and SUP are also available free of charge for guests to use on the beautiful private beach.

Food Factor

Seychelles is predominantly an all inclusive resort type of destination, so majority of your food options will be within the resort itself. Corossol Restaurant is the main buffet restaurant. I don't think I've ever seen a hotel restaurant with so much choice. The cheese platters and sushi platters were both a winner, and there's a great outdoor seating area too.


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