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St Kitts & Nevis - Top Tips

Super Seven

Brimstone Hill Fortress

Brimstone Hill Fortress should be high on everyone's list when visiting this tiny nation. It's a UNESCO site and one of the most well-preserved forts across Caribbean, so fully deserves the tourism traffic it receives. You get a picturesque view across the island from most the main observation point prior to entering the fort itself. There's original cannons scattered around the upper level of the fort which point in every direction, as well as multiple room you can enter from prison cells to ammunition storage. Prior to leaving, there's a small museum and gift shop, albeit not very well signposted.

Basseterre The capital city of this tiny country is a worthwhile walk, albeit very small in size, so you don't need to allocate a huge amount of time. The main streets lead off from the ferry terminal, with Independence Square being the major draw. The iconic landmark of Berkley Memorial is dual-purpose with it being a drinking fountain and clock tower, There's a public garden in the centre of Independence Square, which then leads to the Immaculate Conception Catholic Co-Cathedral. Worth noting that there's not a huge selection of restaurants in the capital, but Port Zante Marina is within easy walking distance.

Timothy Hill Overlook St Kitts is hope to a very unique view point in the form of Timothy Hill Overlook. You're able to view the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea at the same time. It's a free of charge viewing spot with only a handful of vendors occupying the area. You'll see plenty of cyclists pass by due to the flat roads all the way down the coastline, but generally speaking, there's no crowds here. You also get to see how incredibly green the island of St Kitts and Nevis in the distance actually are.

Nevis Day Trip

I think it's often overlooked that the country comprises of two islands. St Kitts is dominated by 90% of the resorts, the International Airport, and the main ferry terminal, so it's understandable to see why so many tourists don't even visit Nevis. There's multiple daily ferry options that enable you to reach Nevis within the hour, so visiting is easy. It's a small island, but picking up a taxi from the port is the easiest way to cover the main spots of... Cottle Church, former sugar plantations like New River Estate, The Museum of Nevis History, and Lovers Beach.

Stunning Beaches As with most Caribbean islands, there's beautiful beaches, and St Kitts & Nevis is no different. There's a number of relaxing spots on both islands where you'll be able to relax, bathe in the crystal clear water, and grab a bite to each. For St Kitts, I'd recommend Majors Bay as it's less crowded than other nearby options, although Frigate Bay South is a worthy back-up. As for Nevis, it's a coin flip between Lovers Beach and Herbert's Beach. Having more than one beach to choose from is a great dilemma to have!

St Kitts & Nevis National Carnival If you can time your visit to coincide with the annual carnival like I did, then I'd 100% recommend it. The start date is always the last week of November and spans for a period of 6 weeks, finishing early January. There were various parades through the streets of Basseterre where the local community shine brightly in their multi-coloured costumes. The parades were well coordinated, varied, and were enjoyable to watch. All of the participants were happy to pose for photos and genuinely wanted to please onlookers with their display.

Port Zante Marina St Kitts has more tourists arrive each year by sea, compared to land. On this basis, the government have pumped a lot of money into renovating the port area of Port Zante. Whether you're on a cruise stop or not, this is the place to visit for coffee shops, multiple restaurant options, souvenir stores in every direction, and the colourful St Kitts welcome sign. I'm not the biggest souvenir shopper, but some of the hand crafts on offer were pretty impressive.

Accommodation Advice

My trip coincided with a Public Holiday and New Year, so accommodation prices weren't the cheapest overall and were in high demand. I managed to get a booking at Royal St Kitts Hotel in Frigate Bay and was very impressed! The rooms are spacious, there's a great pool area, and a top quality gym. There's room only, half board, and all inclusive options, so something to suit everyone. The price wasn't the cheapest, but genuinely think it was down to the time of year.

Food Factor

I seemed to visit at an odd time for restaurants with the public holiday, so only a handful were open. Asia Voyage is worth checking out if you're into Asian food and staying in the Frigate Bay area. The sushi exceeded what I was expecting, but overall, prices were reasonable and the menu had many options. Note: This is definitely not the best restaurant on the island, but dining options were very limited across these dates.

Good Guide

The first difficulty I had ahead of my stay was car rental. Due to the carnival, all car rental agencies seemed to be fully booked for 3-4 months in advance. Worth noting that the best priced I found was Bullseye Car Rental. I used a couple of local driver guides during my trip and would be comfortable recommending both. For St Kitts Island I used Ray, who can guide you, or just provide transport to take you from A to B. You can reach Ray via Whatsapp on +1 869 763 9410. As for Nevis, you can use Marvin for both guide and transport services. You can reach Marvin via Whatsapp on +1 869 668 4920.


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