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Zambia - Top Tips

Super Seven

Lusaka City Tour

The capital city itself isn't the most interesting on the continent, but still has some points of interest worth checking out. The Freedom Statue is located just outside the National Museum, which on a busy bustling street. On the outskirts of the city there's a beautiful church called The Anglican Cathedral of the Holy Cross, which is often used for events, but go inside if you get the chance. If arts and crafts are your thing, then be sure to stop by Kabwata Cultural Village.

37D Art Gallery

There's a fantastic art gallery called 37D, which is located in the Kabulonga District of Lusaka. You'll find a wide range of art by both local Zambian and international artists, as well as a coffee shop in the outer courtyard area. I was recommended this gallery by many Zambian locals and it didn't disappoint, hence I left with a framed purchased. The staff are welcoming, don't hassle, and are on hand to assist with any questions.

Devil's Pool

My number one highlight in Zambia was definitely Devil's Pool. After thousands of years of erosion, there's plenty of natural pools that have formed all around Victoria Falls, with Devil's Pool being the most iconic. The pool is easily accessible and open to thrill seeking tourist who want to go right to the edge and face a sheer drop. Worth noting that the pool isn't open all year round as it's dependent on the water level, so plan your visit accordingly. October and November are the best months due to low water level.

Microlight Flight

A great way to view the falls is definitely from the air, with options available in both neighbouring countries. I was specifically looking to do a Microlight Flight, which is an activity only available on the Zambian side of the falls. I used Livingstone Adventures to book my flight and paid $180 USD for the 15 minute flight, although a longer option is also available. In my opinion, the 15 minutes was sufficient to admire the falls from multiple vantage points, as well as flying across the local landscape where I could even see wildlife below.

Sunset at Royal Livingstone Hotel

To watch a magical African sunset, there's no better place in Zambia than The Royal Livingstone Hotel. For clarity, I wouldn't recommend staying at the hotel, but you can certainly stop by as a guest and enjoy their outdoor dining area for food or a coffee. The terrace is the perfect spot to absorb the end of day sun rays before seeing the sunset over dip below the falls. A bonus is that there's also wildlife in the garden area of the hotel.

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is one of the most visited spots on the African continent and it's easy to see why. Victoria Falls Bridge is the main connecting point between both Zambia & Zimbabwe (you can get a Kaza Visa, which enables you to hop between the two). I can recommend both the bungee and canyon swing that are available directly on the bridge, although the bungee is relatively expensive compared to other global comparisons.

In terms of viewing the falls, you've got Victoria Falls National Park where you can view Devil's Cataract, Horseshoe Falls, and Rainbow Falls via fully paved observation platforms, although there's a $30 fee to enter the park. Of course there's a few free spots too, so stop by even if you're on a budget.

White Water Rafting

Another water based activity around the Livingstone area not to be missed is definitely White Water Rafting. It's available all year round via multiple companies (I'd recommend Bundu), but is definitely more appealing during low water levels. The rapids are much more aggressive when the water level is low, which means bigger drops and much more fun! Personal advice, wear trainers as the walk down to the start point to meet the team can be quite rocky.

Accommodation Advice

Whilst in Lusaka, I chose to stay at Latitude 15, which was a stellar pick. I'd go as far as saying it's one of the best hotels I've stayed in on the entire continent. Spacious rooms, fast WiFi, ultra modern, and has a great pool area. The hotel itself is like a gallery displaying so much impressive art in every direction. The location is a 5 minute taxi ride from the centre of Lusaka.

Food Factor

The prize for top food spot also goes to Latitude 15 as their in-house restaurant of the same name was superb. There's plenty of options available if you want a solid 3 course meal, or just a coffee and cake. The atmosphere is very relaxed with an outdoor seating area too. Price wise, it's mid-range. I found nowhere better in all of Zambia, so worth a visit even if you're not staying at the hotel.

Good Guide

Zambia is very easy to navigate, especially in the tourist hubs like Lusaka and Livingstone. If you do want a reliable driver in the Livingstone area, I can recommend John who can be reached via Whatsapp on +260 97 7428900 or +260 96 542 8900. He was reliable and offered fair pricing, which saved wasting time bartering with local taxi drivers.


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